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 Forex MT4 ZigZag Indicator with Alert and Pips Info


ZigZag Pips Info is an program that uses many strategies and also acts as a filter. Breakout strategies, support and resistance, wave, scalping and others. It will be a great helper or addition to your forex trading strategy.


The MT4 forex terminal already has a ZZ as a default tool. This forex program has the advantage of additional settings. In the open parameters, there are such possibilities as: show the size of pips (it can serve as an arrow in some cases), show an information panel on the MT4 chart, enable an alert by the number of pips, and more.


Since the ZigZ Forex is prone to redrawing, 10-30% of the points indicators can be false.

This system does not include any additional formula, the usual standard ZigZag is used, which does not need any multi-timeframe (MTF). On any time chart, with certain settings, the Zig zag program will show the same line.


The best settings, of course, must be selected independently. After all, each of us trades in different ways, someone loves longer positions, someone short. Small or large points. This is not a forex program where there can be two "buy" and "sell" buttons. MT4 gives us a lot more options for customizing and adjusting trading.


Below you will see the settings in the open options. In the screenshots I will try to show as much as possible how the ZigZag Pips Info soft looks like.


Can be used on different trading systems. For example: 1-2-3, Elliott waves, build trend channels/lines, rebound or breakout of 1-5 trend lines, 3 sticks of the same size and others.


For the convenience of receiving signals, zigzag alert indicator MT4 has a notification in pop-up mode, with sound settings.


Password - your activation password.

BarsDepth - the number of bars.

ReversalPercent - minimum size in %.

UseReversalPips - set the minimum size in points (TRUE) or in percent (FALSE).

ShowBarsCount - display the number of bars.

ReversalPips - minimum size in points (4-digit).

ShowPipsValue - sign the knee size.

FontSize - font size.

FontName is the name of the font.

FontColor - font color.

TextIndentUp - offset of the top captions.

TextIndentDown - offset of the bottom signatures.

Use_Alert - use or not use POPUP window with sound.

Alert_pips_Minimum - the minimum number of pips for a signal.

Alert_pips_Maximum - maximum number of pips for a signal.

Sound_alert - use sound without POPUP or not.

Name_sound - the name of the sound.

Variable - options for displaying the table on the graph. High and Low, only High, only Low. (10 last lines of the ZZag soft).

Font - the font of the table.

Width - font size of the table.

X - position on the chart of the table.

Y - position on the chart of the table.

Color_UP - color of up lines.

Color_Down - color of down lines.

Show_on_chart - show a table on the chart or not.Описание:   4565510?d=1697103022

Описание:   4565511?d=1697103036



Описание:   4565512?d=1697103049

Описание:   4565513?d=1697103064

Описание:   4565515?d=1697103164

Pips info ZigZag indicator with alert (MT4) - 37 USD/2 account number

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