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 Forex Volume Indicators


A collection of 11, in my opinion, the best and most convenient vol. indicators on the Forex market. All of them are for MetaTrader 4. There is one with an arrow, there is one with daily and total value, vertical and horizontal.







Price - 15 USD



Methodology for using metatrader volume indicator


1.      An increase in volume indicates growing interest in the market, so an underlying trend may strengthen or a new one may begin;

2.      A decrease in vol. means that interest in the market is decreasing, therefore, the trend may reverse, or a temporary consolidation may form in the market;

3.      A sudden and vigorous increase in dimensions may signal an upcoming reversal, while a gradual decline in amplitudes may still be supported by rapid price movements.


In Forex trading, volume is given a lot of attention. The first attempts to evaluate the market in terms of the number of contracts traded were made back in the first half of the last century. Even then, stock analysts noted the correlation of some signals with what was happening in the market in the future. With the development of technology, mt4 volume indicator appeared in trading. They have automated the entire calculation process and offer the user the final result of their work in the form of a diagram or simply numerical data. It often happens that on the chart everything looks completely incomprehensible, but with the use of a volumetric profile, everything falls into place and the trader sees the whole picture. Also, within a strong trend, when it seems that a reversal is not expected, forex volume can warn in advance about a change in the main direction in the market.


Forex Trading Volume - FX short line analysis


Let's start with something simple and figure out what a bulk indicator is. The algorithm of such an indicator is based on a simple principle, which consists in calculating the volumes traded on the market. In simple words, such an analysis tool shows the user the amount of money traded for a specific trading instrument. It is possible to observe its changes and draw conclusions. Volumes are calculated for a specified period of time, usually on a daily chart. But over the past 20 years the situation has changed a lot. More and more traders are leaning towards short-term trading. This is especially true for the Forex market. Accordingly, with the growth of short-term turnover, the forex daily size of purchases and sales appeared for use on small time frames. This is a simple and convenient tool that allows you to assess the situation within a trading day.



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